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Ramon & Alba

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a couple of great friends of mine on one of the most important days they will share as a couple.

I met Ramon while I was working at Lexus a few years back. We became friends due to our love of football and craft beer. Ramon was also good friends with Abel (my now fiance, who I also met at Lexus).

Over the years, I have grown close to the love of Ramon's life - Alba. She's a tough cookie with a warm heart. She keeps our men in check, let me tell ya!

Years back, the guys would be doing their thing, watching sports, eating wings, and Alba and I would be sitting there talking about the day when the boys would become men, and there would FINALLY be rings on our fingers! It's very perfect and fitting that now our weddings are one month apart, and within a couple of weeks, we will BOTH be married ladies!

Ramon and Alba decided to do an intimate courthouse wedding (aren't they just the best?!) followed by a nice family reception at their home. Later on they plan to do the whole shabang, church wedding, big party, you know, the Grand Fiesta. But for now, THIS WAS PERFECT!

We started with engagement photos a week before the ceremony. We headed down to Seaport Village and got some amazing photos of these two! They seriously make my heart melt! It's so much fun to witness someone's love story, but it's even more fun to witness the little smiles, the tiny kisses, the loving embraces. All of those cute little moments are what make these sessions awesome!

One week after their engagement session, Abel and I headed down to the San Diego County Clerks Office to witness their official vows! Abel was honored to be the witness (closest thing to a best man) and I was honored to capture all the moments of this very special day. The bride arrived first and she looked stunning! Soon after, came the groom. I have never seen Ramon look so sharp!

About 15 family members gathered to share in the excitement as well. It was a sweet ceremony, with my favorite part being the way Ramon kept looking at his bride. There's something so raw and beautiful about wedding vows, whether traditional, repeated, or created on your own.

AND A KISS SEALS THE DEAL! After 6 years together, they are officially Mr. & Mrs. Quintero!

I could not be happier for these dear friends of mine. We are so lucky to have another couple in our lives to hang out with, laugh with, do things with, and share memories with. I CANNOT wait until these two little love birds give my daughter a little buddy to play with too! CONGRATS Ramon & Alba! We love you!

Here are some more images from their wedding and reception! I mean hey, they are just too cute not to share with you all!

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