Samantha & Brian

It's amazing how life brings people together. You can meet a person once, and instantly know they are meant to be in your life. You two click- you laugh together, the conversation flows naturally, you have this crazy connection. It's a powerful force really.

Now you probably think I am talking about Sam & Brian's instant connection, but I am not. I am talking about MY connection with Sam. Hahaha! Sorry Brian!

Samantha and I met about a year ago when she contacted me about photographing her engagement session. She had gotten my name from a mutual friend of ours and was really excited about capturing her and her then, fiance Brian. We met at Mt. Helix late in the afternoon and shot some amazing pictures! Still to this day, they had one of my absolute favorite engagement sessions. The sunset was beautiful, the subjects were beautiful, and hey, we were capturing a fairy tale! The whole afternoon was spent taking photos and laughing as we shared experiences and stories with each other.

At the time, Samantha and I were both planning our weddings, so naturally us girls could talk for ever about it.

Long story short, I love this girl. And her new husband. They are kind people, fun people, and the BEST reason I love being a photographer.

Now that I got my love story out of the way, lets really focus on the Bride & Groom!

Sam and Brian came across each other while working at Applebees. They are now a blended family, as they both have beautiful daughters from previous relationships. They're passion for each other is undeniable. You can tell instantly that she completes him and he completes her. They have a Rock n Roll, no frills, loving, fun, and healthy relationship.

I was absolutely honored when they asked if I could photograph their wedding.

Their wedding was held at Viejas Casino & Hotel. It was the perfect mix of Rock n Roll flare with a vintage, country feel. The ceremony was held outdoors on a patio overlooking the mountains, while the reception was inside in a beautifully lit banquet hall. Their bridal party was full of family and friends, and their two girls were included in every part of the wedding. The food was incredible (I had the chicken, and wedding chicken is not always the greatest), really, it was incredible!

After dinner the Bride & Groom danced the night away with their daughters, parents, and friends. It really was a story book evening.

Below you will find some images from their special day. I was so delighted to be there, as not only their photographer, but as their friend. I hope you enjoy a little glimpse into their Happily Ever After.

Ah! There it is! THE LOOK! The look that every single Bride hopes to see from her husband as she walks down the aisle. I love it. I love it more than the bride's expression. The guys tear up, the look amazed. Its the best!

The bride and groom each shared dances with their daughters and even though I can normally make it through weddings without the waterworks, man oh man, the dances got me. As I watch Samantha twirl around her daughter, and watched Brian's daughter dance on his feet, I just couldn't help but get teary eyed, thinking about my own daughter and husband.

It was truly a wonderful day. The way every wedding day should be.

So to Samantha & Brian! May life together bring you lots of smiles, hugs, laughter, love and adventure. May you treat each other well, remembering that compromise is key to a lasting relationship. And most of all, CONGRATULATIONS on becoming Mr. & Mrs. Heller! Love you both to pieces!

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